Soft Surface Flooring

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Our Soft Surface Selection

While, our hard surface selection is certainly popular, there is something to say about tried and true carpet and area rugs. They have been around for decades and remain a prestigious option in our customer’s homes because of their soft to the touch, characteristics.


Carpet is a demand in homes whether it is for bedrooms, living rooms, or even seasonal porches. Flooring & More brings carpet to life in our showroom. With varieties of styles, colors, textures, and even designs, the options are endless!

Tempur-Pedic/Special Carpet Cushion

We mentioned carpet is soft but it can get more comfortable with our special carpet cushion and Tempur-pedic carpet cushion options.

Our Specialty Brands:

  • Tigressa
  • Bigelow
  • Resista
  • Lees

Area Rugs

We don’t just carry any area rug; we carry custom area rugs for any theme, color palette, and size!

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