Relax, it's... Lees

Worry-free, easy cleanup, long-lasting carpet with Lees!

Lees Carpet

Flooring & More in Columbus, GA provides our customers with the best possible flooring and carpet options available. Typically, when a client walks in to our showroom, one of the first questions we ask is ‘How long do you want your floor to last?’. In most cases, our clients tell us forever, right? We understand that life happens and it’s inevitable that stains, spills, dirt, and more are going to land on your new carpet or flooring.  What if we told you we could provide a quality product that overcomes your floor-a-phobia? That’s why we bring you- Relax, It’s… Lees.

All-in-one Carpet

Lees is a brand exclusive and is built to last while keeping comfort in mind. Lees blends style, softness and comfort together yet still offers the stain protection as well as the long-lasting performance you need in any flooring. This month, we are offering 10-50% off storewide products for our Lees Flooraphobia Sale

Peace of Mind

Your days of searching google for, ‘how to remove stains’ or purchasing stain remover cleaning solution is over! Lees’ composite is made with Extra-Loc backing resulting in 4x the normal carpet density which means it is 4X more resilient than any other carpet or brand in the market. Its Lees 4X Protection and flexible yarn helps prevent the dirtiest, oiliest, unforgiving stains like bleach, pet stains, coffee, and wine yet still has the reputation for being soft-to-the-touch. What does this mean for you, less maintenance, long-term durability, and a worry free purchase for your new investment.

If you’re still hesitant, consider Lees’ 25 year, No Exclusions Ultra25 Stain Warranty on ALL stains and accidents. This warranty includes those high-traffic areas like hallways and staircases. Even if you’re not planning on sticking in your residence for more than a few years out, this warranty is transferrable to the next owner which offers a huge selling point.

In combination with our Floor-a-phobia sale, Beautiful Guarantee, and our 25 year No Exclusions warranty, we are delivering an experience where you will love your new carpet for years to come! 

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