Our Experts

Barbara Gaston, Owner/CEO

Barbara purchased the Columbus Carpet Mill Store in February 2008 with the help of her husband Al who is also active in the business. Early in her career, she worked as a design consultant with Southeastern Galleries in Charleston, South Carolina. She says that was so long ago she has forgotten everything but her recent Columbus customers would differ. Barbara has a wonderful eye for color and materials. She handles purchasing for the rug gallery and helps customers with challenging projects.

Al Gaston, Owner/CEO

Al and his wife Barbara purchased the Columbus Carpet Mill Store in February 2008 and have worked diligently since to educate themselves and the public about the many choices and options available in flooring today. As Al likes to say, "We're in the solutions business" in the simple belief that developing appropriate flooring solutions for clients, rather than simply taking an order, provides clients with longer lasting, better value for their money. In fact, it was the breadth of prod


Terry Lewis, Design Consultant

Why I am in this business? Simply because I love working with the public and helping to satisfy our customer’s wants and needs; making their environment a place they enjoy coming home to and are proud of. From color coordinating to types, textures and the look a client is trying to achieve; my goal is to listen to each one of my client’s needs and wants. I have been in the flooring industry over 30 years and have been working closely with builders, home owners, and floor companies so my flooring experience comes from all different angles. Ultimately, my main goal is geared toward making our clients happy and thus, an all over pleasant experience when they come to Flooring & More!

When not in the Office, I enjoy spending time with my animals, attending drag races, and just being outside!

Susanna Brown, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Hi, I’m Susanna Brown and I serve as the Kitchen and Bath designer here at Flooring & More! I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in 2012 and have been working in the Residential and Light commercial design industry since. Designing the perfect space goes beyond visual style, as each space should function properly with space planning and storage to fit your lifestyle! I love all aspects of design; from the right use of color tone and fabric patterns to lighting and furniture placement, all aspects of design are all equally important in making a space come together and appeal aesthetically. Coming from the gulf coast of Florida I love the use of soothing calm neutral tones and organic textures to create a relaxing and inviting space. Come in today and let me help you create your “Dream Space”! From flooring and cabinets, to countertops, backsplash and paint color- we are excited to offer turnkey solutions for every client!


Kyle Leach, Sales Manager
When I first started in building and installation trades, I quickly realized I enjoyed working with my hands, creating finished goods from raw materials. That developed into enjoying making customers dreams and desires into reality through quality design as well as workmanship. Mostly in the kitchen and bath cabinetry industry we also had walls and floor covering our purview as well. I became very adept at sales through explaining design, in every day terms, making customers comfortable in their decisions to move forward. Working with a number of quality businesses, I was sent to formal sales training seminars throughout the country, allowing me to fully explain the sales process to others and encourage them to always inform the customers of every step in the process. “You can’t sell what you don’t know, and believe in yourself!” is a mantra I have lived by, and shared with my staff, everywhere I have worked. When I am not in the office, I enjoy beeing outdoors, hunting and fishing. I also enjoy working on a treehouse for my five grandchildren to enjoy when visiting their Nanna and Pappa!

Rhonda Cox, Housekeeper and Company Prankster

Rhonda Cox is the Housekeeper at Flooring & More Carpet One. While she does a fantastic job keeping things clean, neat and tidy, she is among our biggest pranksters and always keeps us laughing.  At Christmas, she dressed up like a Christmas tree, literally, complete with wrapped gifts under the tree for her colleagues.  Rhonda makes us all smile.  If laughter is the best medicine, then when Rhonda is here, there is a doctor in the house!


Installation Professionals

We believe in flawless execution every step of the way, so our work continues after you’ve made your flooring selection. We are experts in flooring installation, and we stand behind our work with a “Life of Floor” warranty. You can rely on our flooring installation experts. After all, this is your home we’re talking about.


Flooring Experts

Expertise is what we offer you on so many levels. Our sales professionals are trained to ask the right questions, guide you through our easy-to-understand selection systems, and work with you to create exciting solutions.