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What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring? 

Vinyl flooring is a lot different from what it used to be a decade ago. With technological advancements comes opportunity to improve, and vinyl manufactures took advantage of that. They developed what is known today as luxury vinyl. Many think that there is no way a vinyl product can be luxury, but let us explain how far vinyl has come, and what makes it luxury vinyl.

Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Durable?

What makes luxury vinyl different is the way it is constructed. In most cases, luxury vinyl is made up of multiple layers. These layers create a more stiff material which in turn makes it more durable. Luxury vinyl’s durability comes from its assembly and its wear layer. The wear layer is made from a clear plastic film attached to a high resolution image that replicates wood or stone. The thicker the wear layer the more durable your luxury vinyl floor is.

Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

Luxury vinyl is using the latest technology to make it a waterproof option. The most common selling-point of luxury vinyl is how it is almost life proof in the sense that you can go about your day without worrying about cleaning your floors. Luxury vinyl is very easy to install and is easy to maintain and clean.  It comes in multiple styles, patterns, and colors to match the look of your home and your own style. You can choose from wood or stone look floors that complement the style of your home. This budget friendly product is sure to make an impact in your home.

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About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options

Every home is different, and every homeowner’s needs are different. Depending upon the room you choose to install luxury vinyl, we can help you find the best floor for your home. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options

Luxury Vinyl Warranties

Luxury vinyl just like any flooring option comes with different warranties, take a look at a few general warranties we have listed, but also be sure to speak with one of our flooring experts to find the warranty that is best for you.



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