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Elements to Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Flooring & More Carpet One approaches a functional living space from every angle; from flooring to cabinetry. After our Kitchen and Bath Designer, Susanna Brown, won an astounding award for creating large kitchens with Wellborn Cabinets, we thought we could share a few important insights and key design elements to consider when it comes to designing a kitchen.

Plan accordingly

When you are in your beginning stages, get an idea as to what you would like the layout to look like. Can this layout work with your
existing kitchen or are you looking at revamping the entire area? It is also important to be mindful of construction costs, as your new design may require moving walls, plumbing and electrical.

Seek professional design expertise

If you’re looking at a complex plan, an outside design specialist can guide you in the right direction to ensure the architecture and engineering aspect is spot on. This is where Flooring & More can help! Our experienced designers can assist in creating your dream kitchen from start to finish!

In addition to design expertise, our designers can aid you in choosing the right style. We offer hundreds of cabinetry door style and color combinations to obtain the design aesthetic you desire. While you may be striving for an entire kitchen remodel, consider keeping the style of cabinetry and other materials that reflect the existing design elements in their current environment.

Design for a functional kitchen

Does your family often enjoy dinners and a lot of time spent in the kitchen? Think about your preferred cooking style and any unique requirements that your kitchen may need when planning. Children, pets, and size of your family will affect the types of materials that should be used for durability and functionality. Think practical when choosing specific materials for flooring, cabinets, and your backsplash. This includes, but is not limited to, of course:

A Great Floor Plan

Consider your three most used appliances and/or work spaces in the kitchen; cooktop, sink and refrigerator are typically the most vital work elements and having appropriate dimensions with your cabinets and countertops to create your ‘work triangle’ (typically 26 feet or less) is a good tip to know!

Ample Countertop Space

Important areas to consider are the sink, cooktop and “landing” areas next to both the refrigerator and stove.

Is There Enough Storage?

This is where it will be essential to consider the use of walk-in pantries, pertinent utility cabinets, and even an area for special storage needs like pets or folding high-chairs! There are multiple pull-outs, automated devices, racks, and other semi-custom options that allow for an organized yet functional design.

Appropriate Lighting

Think about lighting above and below cabinetry and general illumination throughout to create an atmosphere worth spending time in! Ample task lighting is an important feature while cooking, chopping and working in the kitchen. Natural Daylight proves to be beneficial; it can not only save off your energy bill but by bringing natural light into your home can also improves the overall energy within an area.


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